The Buford Dam Store


Then and now . And the Future


As many locals know, the Buford Dam Store was partially damaged by a fire in August 2013. It was a sad day for many since the Dam Store has been a landmark dating back to the 1950s. Shown below are a few photos of the store dating back to the Spring of that year.



A view from the intersection of Buford Dam Road and Suwanee Dam Road



A view from Buford Dam Road


Since the fire we have been working steadily on developing a renovation plan that will return this landmark to the community and make it a part of the series of outposts maintained by the Apalachicola Maritime Museum ( that will help define the future of traditional crafts and heritage along the river trail running from Chattahoochee Gap along the Appalachian Trail to the City of Apalachicola. Shown below is an architectural rendering of the proposed new structure. For more information contact George K. Floyd at We expect this renovation project to s